Industry leaders in versatile, high-quality furniture storage systems.

Our Equipment

Our cantilever storage shelves, provide efficient storage for furniture that cannot fit on standard-sized pallets. Thanks to their continuous storage configuration, our shelving, whether new, used, or refurbished, can accommodate unique furniture sizes.

We work closely with the nation’s most reputable distributors of racking systems to supply our customers with the highest quality products to make them suitable for all city regulation, customer inventory, and seismic considerations.

Our products include the following:

  • Cantilever Furniture Racks: A highly efficient means of storage, the center column design of cantilever furniture racks provides long stretches of horizontal space for virtually gap-free storage that extends the full length of the aisle.
  • Decked Bin / Bedding Racks: This heavy capacity racking system is primarily used for larger case goods (dressers, chests, etc.), bedding, and specialty products.
  • Selective Pallet Racks: One of the most common types of storage rack, selective pallet racks are ideally suited for material that can be stacked in multiple levels and must be accessed, moved, and restocked frequently. Typically, each bay of pallet rack will hold two pallets side-by-side, with several inches of space between them and on each side of them.
  • Deep Skid Racks: These pallet racks allow for more compact storage of ready-to-assemble inventory, with the capacity to store deep skid pallets.
  • Guidance Systems: We install wire and steel angle guidance systems with fixed or spring entries. A properly designed and installed guidance system allows the lift operator to focus their attention on the safe storage or retrieval of merchandise.
  • Safety Railing / Bollards: Safety railings delineate pedestrian walkways and separate pedestrians from equipment, reducing the chance of accidents.


We Buy Used Cantilever Racking

We are one of the only businesses in the industry that will purchase, remove, and care for high-quality used cantilever racking materials.

We can provide you with an estimate for your used cantilever systems upon request. We will remove your old storage systems, and save you the cost and time required to move them yourself.

If you’re moving warehouses, selling your business, or looking for someone to remove existing rack from a building, we are here to help. We buy used cantilever racking that is in excellent or good condition.

Our expert team has moved millions of lineal feet of rack safely and smoothly, making us industry leaders in the purchase, removal, and relocation of used cantilever racking. Let us take care of your old equipment, or provide you with cost-effective and reliable storage systems for your warehouse.